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Keeping You Warm...

For over a decade GMS Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing Long Island residential customers with heating solutions for there homes. Our goal is to ensure that your home is both Comfortable and Healthy Year Round for all those loved ones that live in it.

GMS is Licensed and Fully Insured for your protection and the protection of your most valued investment, your home. We guarantee that we offer the best Products, Services and Installations available on the market today. All of our Technicians are fully trained, licensed, factory certified and undergo a extensive pre-employment screening to ensure you, the customer receive professional and worry free experience. The name brand equipment we use is Highly Rated, Long Lasting and come with great manufacturer warranties.

Ask for our Free home heating analysis…

GMS will perform a FREE Home Heating Analysis (this should take approximately 1 hour). During this visit we do more then just eye-ball your home. We measure and inspect every part of your home from the insulation and windows you have to any special Allergy and Health requirements your family members may have. After entering our findings into our computer we determine exactly what your home requires. This is an important step; many homes today have over sized Furnaces or Boilers. The old way of thinking was bigger is better. Unfortunately this lead to higher then necessary energy cost. GMS properly sizes the right system to your home using state of the art, energy efficient equipment to help save you money on your bills every month. Our trained Customer Consultants take the time to review the proposal with you and answer any questions you may have and it doesn’t stop there.

GMS offers financing for all new heating system installations...

 Along with accepting all major credit cards, GMS can help you finance your investment and get every penny worth of value from your new Air Condition System. There are tax credits and rebate programs from the government, LIPA, National Grid and sometimes the equipment manufacturers that can make this investment even more affordable than you think. Our Customer Consultants are there to help you take advantage of all the programs that are available today.

Installation is easy…

The next step is just as important. GMS factory trained technicians treat your home with the respect it deserves; after all, your home is your #1 investment and deserves the best and cleanest installation available.

The installation of your equipment will also determine how efficient it will perform. An independent study was preformed by the Non-For-Profit Organization North Carolina Energy Corp. determined that 90% of all Air Conditioning systems were wasting energy due to improper installation. Throughout the installation process GMS’s expert factory trained technicians continuously test your system to make sure it is installed correctly and will perform at 100% efficiency.

After the installation GMS reviews the system with the home owner explaining the correct operation of your system. The short of it is, if we promise it, we deliver it. We will make sure you are satisfied with the entire job before leaving your home.

What Heating Equipment is available from GMS…

A typical Home Heating system requires two basic parts to work, the Heat Source and Heat Distribution. A Heat Source can come as a Boiler (heats water) or Furnace (heats air) that uses Natural Gas, Propane or Oil as a fire source. Boilers and Furnaces come in different sizes and efficiencies. There are also Green Energy Alternatives to Heat Sources such as Geothermal and Solar systems.  The Heat Distribution comes multiple forms like Hydronic Baseboards (Water filled baseboards), Radiant Floor Panels, and Forced Hot Air.

Heat Source Size:

The size of your Heat Source is determined by the size of your home and Hot Water requirements of your family. A bigger home with a large family will require more then a small cottage with 2 people living in it. When our Comfort Consultant performs an analysis of your home they will ask questions like, “How many people take a shower at one time?”, “When do you usually run your dishwasher?”, “Do you have a hot tub?” These are all things that can affect the size of the heat source needed for your home.

Heat Source Efficiency:

The efficiency is like the gas mileage rating of your car. We offer systems ranging from Standard Efficiency to Super-High Efficiency. Standard Efficiency systems will have a lower initial cost but will cost more to operate creating higher energy costs. Higher Efficiency systems will have a higher initial cost but will cost less to operate (In some cases significantly less) saving you money on your energy costs while also lowering your Carbon Footprint. Our comfort consultants are fully trained on all of these systems and can help you determine the type of Efficiency best suits your needs.

Green Energy Solutions:

Green technologies like Geothermal and Solar have been available for quite some time now. However in the past they have cost more to install then would be saved to operate and were enjoyed only by the wealthy. Today the costs have come done significantly and there are many Government Incentives and Utility Rebates that can help make these systems affordable for many. Our Comfort Consultants are very well educated in Green Energy Systems and can help you determine if you are ready to go Green.


GMS has the right accessories to compliment your new heating system...

We also offer excellent accessories like Programmable Thermostats, Large digital readouts for the elderly and Air Cleaners that work in conjunction with your Air Conditioning system to make sure that not only is your home comfortable but it is healthy too. Check out our Accessories section or call a Customer Consultant today for more information on these products.


GMS Heating System Service and Maintenance

Most people don’t think about there Home Heating or Air Conditioning systems till they stop working. If this happens to you, GMS is there to help. We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service on All Brands, Makes and Models of Heating and Air Conditioning systems. Our Expert Technicians are fully trained to quickly determine the problem and then return your system back to full functioning order.

Avoiding costly repairs is easy…

Often Heating or Air Conditioning system failures can be avoided with simple annual maintenance. We offer excellent Annual Maintenance plans. With a Maintenance plan we will schedule you for a full inspection of your system. We give you a comprehensive report of the status of your system and do a complete Tune-Up ensuring your system is in proper working order. If during the year, service is required our plan gives you 15% off on labor and parts, priority status, and eliminates all night time or holiday fees. We also offer 24 Hour Repair Insurance. For a small fee, if we can not fix or replace your system within 24 hours we will pay for you and your family to stay in a hotel until Air Conditioning or Heat is restored to your home. It’s just another way that GMS Heating & Air Conditioning puts your Families Comfort and Health first.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Clothes dryers account for more than 15,000 fires a year. GMS Dryer exhaust vent cleaning service can help prevent dryer fires by inspecting and cleaning your dryer vent pipe on a annual basis before it's too late.


Duct Cleaning Services

GMS we have the duct cleaning solution for you. Don't trust your health and well being to just anyone.
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